Wednesday, August 17, 2011

THE SEA DEVILS #1 by Dieter Van der Ougstraete

Dieter says:

"My choice was The Sea Devils. The underwater/adventure theme inspired me. I gave the Devils a new suit. They look like oldschool deep sea divers now. In this first issue they meet the lord of the sea, Neptune. I didn't want him to look downright evil, but more like some crazy giant. He is surrounded by predatory fish and a man-shark servant.

I also took a great deal of inspiration from the Belgian cartoonist Marc Sleen. He did a similar cover for a story named "The Pearl of Neptune" in 1949."

My blog:

The Sea Devils were created by Robert Kanigher and Russ Heath.


  1. Funky! A retro-indy look for a long-fallow property? I'm there!

    Would read? What did I just say?

  2. I want to choke that Man-Shark. He's up to no good.

  3. Amazing! Love Dieter's choice. I would collect this series in a second.
    Great painting. It would also make for a great black-light poster.

  4. Hey, Marc Sleen is cool! I've just been to Brussels where I visited his museum!

    Is there a link to the aforementioned cover?

  5. Dieter, this cover is just more proof of why you're one of my favorite artists these days. Love this! Especially, the divers on the sea horse!