Tuesday, August 23, 2011

KID ETERNITY #1 by Neal von Flue

Neal Von Flue is an artist whose day-job consists of teaching art, painting murals, drawing pictures, and accomplishing a wide array of art services. By night, he likes to make comics about old folk songs and play banjo and musical saw in Hang Dog Expression.

Neal says: My idea is to relaunch Kid Eternity as an all ages series. Instead of growing older, the kid would be still young and filled with all the angst and regular emotions that a young boy had, the Lost-Boy rebellion, etc. The deal is to see how a 10 year old who can summon any adult (or child) from the depths of history would react to any given situation. What kind of problems would he come across and how could he use his (possibly) limited knowledge of history to solve them? You know darn well he'd be pulling out cowboys and pirates and whatnot, but would he like these living icons when they got here? and furthermore, when he's not crime-fighting, would he call up Van Gogh for painting lessons, or Einstein to help him with his homework? What kinds of adventure and frustrations come about when a kid can run amuck in history in order to solve their problems?

Kid Eternity was created by Otto Binder and Sheldon Moldoff. Read more...


  1. This book would be so good! I feel like I have to stop checking these out because each one is hammering home the mediocrity we're actually going to get.

  2. I would buy this today. I would buy the living hell out of this.

  3. Thanks all! And thanks to Carl Bloch for making a more compositionally interesting "Last Supper" than Da vinci!

  4. Love the ideas! And since most all-ages books are way better than 90% of their "Rated T for Teen" cousins, I think you're going in the right direction. Plus, fan of the old Kid Eternity stories right here.

    Would read? Yeah! After seeing that cover? Double-yeah!

  5. I always liked this character and this sounds like it would be a lot of fun to read. Great cover.

  6. Oh yes please, wonderful work and ideas, Neal

    I could see Kid Eternity making a day-to-day wage being hired by the families of missing people to see if they're dead - if they answer his summons, they're goners.