Monday, August 29, 2011

NIGHTWING #1 by Corey Lewis

Corey Lewis (the Reyyy) entered the comix game with a flash in 2005 with his dual graphic novels "Sharknife" and "PENG!" published by Oni Press. At this time he also contributed backup strips to Udon Comics' original Street Fighter and Darkstalkers comics. Afterward, he and his team, StudioYOSH! (with Orc Stain's James Stokoe on backgrounds) drew the Rival Schools comic also published by Udon. Reyyy has contributed to a few anthologies, including Meathaus S.O.S and Image's first Popgun anthology with a short story called "Pinapl" colored by Dylan McCrae. He has ventured into online comics, participating (and being re-invited to) DC's Zuda Comics imprint, and also starting his own webcomic about alien space grapes "SEEDLESS" (collected in it's first volume by Image comics).

Most recently, Rey has been in two Marvel Comics anthologies, "Strange Tales" (vol 1) featuring a story about LONGSHOT, and "Nation X" with a story about CANNONBALL. He also contributed to two short-stories for Dark Horse's "Avatar: The Lost Adventures" book, one written by J. Torres, and one written by himself called "Ember Island Arcade" featuring Zuko of the Fire Nation.

Currently, Rey has recently wrapped up work on his LONG awaited sequel to the first volume of Sharknife, "SHARKNIFE DOUBLE Z", which will be out in 2012 from Oni Press. As well as working on a line of self-published comics magazines called "Layered Jacket", another followup to both Sharknife Double Z and PENG-- and a secret project called "SICK BURN" are all in the works.

Corey says: So what I created here, is a version of NIGHTWING that takes place during the ancient Egyptian period. Some speculate that an ancient race of aliens could have influenced humans at this time. My version of Nightwing operates during this era that mixes an alien race's advanced technology with that of early brutal man. He wields two "scarab horns" made of pure physical energy and fights flying Pharoahs with jetpacks, amongst many enemies. He strives to free humanity from the oppressive forces of the Annunaki. My Nightwing also has white hair and is viewed by his fellow Egyptians as a demigod. I'm thinking he may have the ability to slip through shadows, too, as my awkward feet placement kinda suggests ;]

Nightwing was created by Bob Kane, Bill Finger and Jerry Robinson / Marv Wolfman and George Perez. Read more...


  1. That is a crazy, wicked cool reinvention! I love the high concept idea and it would go with the new52 that spans more than just contemporary times (along with Demon Knights and All-Star Western). Too bad Dcik Grayson had to revert to Nightwing.

    Would read? Are crocodiles stringy? (That's a yes for non-Asterix fans.)

  2. This is full of win. Love the ancient Egypt/Annunaki/shadow slipping details.

  3. This is the first one, I'm sad to say, I'm not in love with or find interesting. It has little to do with the art, but more to do with the "reinvention" of Nightwing; I'm just such a fan of Dick Grayson as-is.

  4. Awesome! I like that Nightwings costume is kinda close to his first design. Fun stuff.

  5. Ooh-aah, easily one of my faves!