Tuesday, August 30, 2011

BAT LASH #1 by Daniel Schneider

Daniel Schneider is a 24 year old born and raised true Albertan cowboy, who grew up on a purebred Black and Red Angus cattle ranch with his family. Finding his true calling in the wonderful world of comics he has never looked back. Having had some small success with company's such as Zenescope and About Comics, Daniel took a 2 year break after a steel pipe decided to split open his skull. Now he's again doing what he loves best and ready to jump head first back into comics. 

He is currently working on try-outs for various companies and also working on collaborating with Andrew Foley writer of Done to Death on his next creator owned project. On top of all of this Daniel has also become one of five Perfect Pitch finalist with a chance at winning $25,000 to fund his creator owned comics "Dynasty" and "Dear Danny: Welcome to Left Field". 

Bartholomew Alouysius Lash or "Bat Lash" was created by Joe Orlando, Carmine Infantino, Sheldon Mayer, and Sergio Aragones. He was created with the intent of riding high on the western craze of the time, but they wanted a cowboy different from all the rest and so Bat Lash was born. Daniel picked Bat Lash knowing that he could bring a authentic cowboy feel to Bat Lash and the DC western characters like no other. Plus who doesn't like the gimmick of having the cowboy book drawn by the world's only cowboy comic book artist? If you want to follow Dan and his career or check out more of his work you can find it out on his website at smashedheadstudios.com

Lastly He would like to thank all the great artists who helped put this project together and were a part of making this as big of a success as it is.

Dan's description of Bat Lash: The civil war is over, but America's west is just starting to show why it earned the name 'wild'. Bandits, gangs, ghosts and myth threaten good, honest people around every corner, they need a savior. A lawman to strike fear in the hearts of the vile and wicked things that chill an innocent's soul. A lone gunman who holds no quarter for injustice, and can bring order to the frontier. They need a legend.
But for now Bat Lash will have to do. 

Bartholomew Alouysius Lash, or Bat Lash, a son born to the testament that opposites attract, is not your average hero. Simply looking to find a peaceful hand of poker to play, and gal to charm. Trouble always seems to find him instead. Forced into the role of our reluctant hero, he'll need quick wits and a quicker gun to keep himself alive. Of course a smart mouth and loose lips ain't helping matters, but he'll do his best to right the wrongs. Which begs the question 'Bat Lash, will he save the west, or ruin it?'

Bat Lash was created by Joe Orlando, Carmine Infantino, Sheldon Mayer, and Sergio Aragones. 


  1. Looks like Jimmy Olsen a bit, and I'm not saying that's a bad thing. With all due respect to Jonah Hex, how about another western star headlining for a while? Bat Lash (and I do love the use of his tagline) would be breath of fresh air I think. Would Daniel consider making him Canadian (instead of Booster Gold)? I'd love to read about an Albertan cowboy!

    Would read? I'm stampeding to my comics shop!

  2. Goddamn, I love me some Bat Lash. I love me some Nick Cardy, too, who drew the original series brilliantly. Beautiful cover of the gun toting dandy, Daniel. Huge Hex fan, but I hope All-Star Western shows this character some much needed love.


  3. I'd buy it. I always liked Bat Lash more than Jonah Hex.

  4. If only..right?
    I'm a big Jonah Hex fan, and I loved Bat Lash's mini from a while ago :)

    Gorgeous art!