Submission Guidelines

RELAUNCHED features independent artists putting their own unique spin on existing properties; Imagine the editor of your favorite comic offered you complete creative control to do whatever you wanted with the book, anything from bringing it back to its roots to completely reconceptualizing it from the ground up. In RELAUNCHED, there are no boundaries set on your vision - you can merge universes, change costumes, build rogues galleries and tear down continuity, however you envision your relaunch.
To submit to RELAUNCHED, you must email your submission to and include the following:
• A PNG or JPG of your comic's cover, no larger than 900 pixels wide.
• A description of the premise of your relaunched comic.
• Your name, a link to your website and - optionally - a short bio. 

Please be aware that not every submissions will necessarily be published

Thanks for submitting!