Wednesday, February 29, 2012

WATCHMEN-TOO: John Bishop relaunches WATCHMEN

John says: Dr. Manhattan has finally returned from his six month mission, sending 7,777 versions of himself to explore the vast multiverse of parallel dimensions, spending only a few hours per dimension. One version of Earth interests him particularly. He christens it 'Earth-2'. The Watchmen of Earth-2 are versions of himself and his teammates, slightly different origins and powers, but remarkably familiar. A sinister force uses Dr. Manhattan's power to transport his team to Earth-2, and tricks them into battling this strange new team, but they finally join forces to fight the menace, known as Darkseid! This is the start of the massive story arc 'The Watchmen Crisis', which will spin off into the two new series 'The Watchmen League' and 'Young Watchmen'!

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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

WATCHMEN-TOO: Zephan Osiris and Stevie Garvin relaunch MOTHMAN

By Zephan Osiris and Stevie Garvin

Here comes Part 2: Who Kills the Killer Moth?!

This is what happens when you cage up two moths! They battle! But after MothMan's squirmish with Killer Moth ends in blood, MothMan becomes the prime suspect in Killer Moth's murder. Did MothMan Kill Killer Moth? You'll have to read it to find out. And when is Batman going to show up already?!


Monday, February 27, 2012

WATCHMEN-TOO: Eric Esquivel and Javier Hernandez relaunch THE NEW FRONTIERSMAN

Eric says:
Javi, as you may know, is a popular cartoonist from the magical land of California.  The comic book he's most famous for, El Muerto, was adapted as a film & starred That 70's Shows' Wilmer Valderrama.

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Jav's website:

At the end of Watchmen we discover that Rorschach mailed a copy of his journal to The New Frontiersmen, an ultra-conservative publication dedicated to exposing corruption.

Our sequel assumes that said journal was published in The New Frontiersmen, and that it was generally dismissed as the last crazy ramblings of a mentally disturbed, paranoid-schizophrenic sociopath.

Our protagonists (as pictured on the cover) are a motley crew of young (13-21 years old) anarchists, punk rock kids, and loudmouthed libertarians who read Walter Kovak's last words, and believed every word. Not just his record of events...but also his violent, subjectivist philosophy.

They are The 1%, rallied around a martyr who is equal parts Batman and Che Guevera—and whose righteous, youthful rage (and sheer numbers) make them more of a threat to Ozymandias' utopia than Rorschach ever was.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

WATCHMEN-TOO: John Douglas relaunches THE SQUID

John says: Engineered from the cloned brain of a telepath, The Squid isthe centerpiece in Adrian Veidt’s plan to save the world from itself.

Within the tank, The Squid grows, reaching self-awarenessand begins to develop its burgeoning psychic powers.  The Squid learns Veidt is planning toteleport it into the heart of New York City, killing millions, with the hopeof preventing World War III and saving billions.  The Squid is to be the savior of mankind, a role it gradually accepts.

Using its growing psychic abilities, The Squid begins to direct Veidt's geneticists how to build a better monster and correcting any errors they make.  It also telepathically suggests to Veidt how best to carry out his plans, as well as people who may stand in his way--and how he may have to deal with those people.

John Douglas doodles and draws (mostly) comic book relatedstuff at and figurative art at

The Squid was created by Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Zephan Osiris and Stevie Garvin relaunch MOTHMAN

Zephan and Stevie say:
Byron Lewis was a good man who only wanted to help save the world. So he did what any sane person does and became a costumed crime-fighter. Crafting for himself hi-tech wings which allowed him to glide, he donned the name "Mothman" and joined up with the like minded Minutemen.  Lewis became an alcoholic during the pressures of the HUAC trials and was forcibly committed. But the end is the beginning is the end...

Because YOU demanded it! From the superstar creative powerhouse Zephan Osiris and Stevie Garvin, here comes MothMan! In his own series! The DC Universe will never be the same when MothMan gets transferred to...Arkham Asylum. Who bats the Batman? You'll have to read it to find out the shocking answer.

 NOT a hoax! NOT a dream! NOT endorsed by Alan Moore! Don't miss Part 1: The Mothman of Gotham City.

Mothman was created by Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons.