Monday, February 27, 2012

WATCHMEN-TOO: Eric Esquivel and Javier Hernandez relaunch THE NEW FRONTIERSMAN

Eric says:
Javi, as you may know, is a popular cartoonist from the magical land of California.  The comic book he's most famous for, El Muerto, was adapted as a film & starred That 70's Shows' Wilmer Valderrama.

Eric's website:
Jav's website:

At the end of Watchmen we discover that Rorschach mailed a copy of his journal to The New Frontiersmen, an ultra-conservative publication dedicated to exposing corruption.

Our sequel assumes that said journal was published in The New Frontiersmen, and that it was generally dismissed as the last crazy ramblings of a mentally disturbed, paranoid-schizophrenic sociopath.

Our protagonists (as pictured on the cover) are a motley crew of young (13-21 years old) anarchists, punk rock kids, and loudmouthed libertarians who read Walter Kovak's last words, and believed every word. Not just his record of events...but also his violent, subjectivist philosophy.

They are The 1%, rallied around a martyr who is equal parts Batman and Che Guevera—and whose righteous, youthful rage (and sheer numbers) make them more of a threat to Ozymandias' utopia than Rorschach ever was.


  1. You know, I always assumed than Rorschach's Journal, upon being published, would be dismissed as just another conspiracy theory. After all, the New Frontiersman was described as a right-wing rag, who's gonna believe them? And who'd believe Rorschach even if they believed this WAS his journal?

    However this? This is an idea I didn't think of. Hell, if Vertigo/DC wanted to make THIS as a follow-up to Watchmen (instead of those dumb prequels), I'd be on board. Because honestly, I think there are still some good stories left in the Watchmen Universe, just none about the 6 main characters of the novel. Their story is complete and need not be revisited. But something like this, about how their actions affected others? Hell yeah.

  2. Great job guys!
    And great cover Javi!!!

    As the other poster said, I agree... this makes legit sense as a story! Great premise, and great cover capturing everything so well, and in such dramatic fashion!

    Love the idea of them all wearing the Rorshach mask, in some fashion, just as the Guy Fawkes/V For Vendetta mask was appropriated in real life! Nice touch!!!

  3. Thanks, gents.

    I have to salute Eric for this project. Not only is it a perfect, natural idea as a sequel, but Eric's creative suggestions on the image were invaluable. He knew precisely what he wanted, and let me come in and do my thing.

    This is a sharp kid, folks.

  4. I freely admit...I WOULD buy this book if it was published...