Wednesday, August 31, 2011

GEN13 #1 by Jim Rugg

Jim says:

Dear Mr. Lee –

I hope this letter finds you well. I know you have a lot going on right now with JLA and the 52 launch so I will keep this succinct. I am a cartoonist, illustrator, designer, and artist and I want to write and draw a Gen 13 period piece set in 1994.

My comics include the Eisner-nominated graphic novel, Afrodisiac, the Ignatz Award-winning mini-comic, Rambo 3.5, Street Angel, the PLAIN Janes, USApe, and the Guild. I have made comics for Marvel, DC, Dark Horse, Image, SLG, Fantagraphics, Vh1, McSweeney’s, and New York magazine. As an illustrator, my work has been recognized in AIGA’s 50/50, Communication Arts Illustration Annual, Print Regional Design Annual, American Illustration, the Society of Illustrators Annual, and the Best American Comics series. Clients include Smirnoff, Converse, Capcom, American Red Cross, and LA Weekly.

You can see more of my work at I look forward to working with you.


Jim Rugg   

Gen13 was created by Jim Lee, Brandon Choi and J.Scott Campbell. Read more...


  1. It's Jim Rugg. Of course I'd buy this!

  2. Dear Mr. Rugg,
    -Mr. Lee

    I love it! Rad is right.

  3. One of only two Fifty-Too books I wouldn't read, and it's got nothing to do with the artist (I might actually be tempted if it looked like this). It's just that I have no interest in the Wildstorm properties.

    Would read? No, but don't feel bad.

  4. One of the most expensive comics I ever bought was that blank cover variant of Gen 13 #1 when I was 12. I think I paid $25-$30 for it, which, at the time, was about three weeks' allowance.

  5. I love this. Great edgy teen vibe to this.
    Especially dig the redrawn DC and #1firstissue logos.