Monday, August 15, 2011

THE AUTHORITY #1 by Ryan Cody

Ryan Cody is an artist and writer based in Flagstaff, Arizona. Past and current projects include his self-published ICARUS comic, VILLAINS for Viper Comics as well as contributing to the Eisner-Award winning anthology, Popgun Vol.3, from Image comics. His website is here.

About his take on The Authority, Ryan says: The Authority was always a special book to me, it came out at a time when I had stopped collecting comics. After 12 years or so of buying and reading as much as I could, I was burned out on everything. But there was something about The Authority that I loved. Hitch's art was insane and devastatingly beautiful back then with lots of Alan Davis still mixed into it, and Warren Ellis was on fire for that first 12-issue series. My team is based on my favorite characters from their run, with a couple characters from a great Milestone book called Shadow Cabinet.

During riots in Egypt, a young girl is attacked by a mob and begins to crackle with energy. The energy around her continues to build until she finally explodes. The explosion levels an entire city block and causes a blackout that spreads across half the eastern hemisphere. Jenny Atomic is born and the hunt for her is on. Jack Hawksmoor, The God of Cities, and his god-daughter Kahina Eskandari, The Iron Butterfly, travel to Cairo to rescue her. They track her to a government complex known as The Tombs. Before they can execute their plan, another costumed hero, Donner (Gerri Brauer), descends upon the complex ripping it to shreds. They join Donner and together the three destroy the complex, only to discover that the UN has been kidnapping and experimenting on superhumans for years. They free dozens of prisoners. Donner is looking for her wife,  Valerie Kameya, a speedster who went by the name of Blitzen, who was rumored of being held there. Among the freed prisoners are The Midnighter and Apollo. They agree to join Jack's group and take down other UN run superhuman prison camps that are spread out across the globe. Blitzen is not at the Cairo camp, so Donner agrees to join them on their mission as well. With her devastating powers in their infancy, Jenny Atomic agrees to go with them, in hopes that they can help her cope with her new abilities.

The Authority was created by Warren Ellis and Bryan Hitch. Read more...


  1. That's so awesome, Ryan! Love the story and the look of the team. I would buy this comic in a heartbeat.

  2. Outstanding cover, Ryan. Really digging your versions of Jack Hawksmoor, Midnighter and Apollo. This is a book I would definitely read.

  3. Never read Authority, but I do like that Mr. Cody has given us a little bit of story to go with the cover. Intriguing! And yes yes yes to using Milestone characters more. DC has been failing to really do so, aside from Static (pulled out of Dakota, no less).

    Would read? Would at least try (no pre-existing brand loyalty*).

    *See? I wasn't gonna give all 52 a "Yes". I'm being sincere with each pick here!

  4. I'm not a fan of the Authority, but I've always been a fan of Ryan Cody. This is very representative of his work.

  5. Swapping out Shen for Iron Butterfly is an inspired choice imho.

  6. Welp, I'd read the hell out of that.

  7. Very good and appropriate team for the Authority.

    One good thing is that you've removed the 'god' characters the team picked up. Between the Doctor and Jenny Quark, they no longer needed anyone else.