Tuesday, August 16, 2011

CREEPER #1 by Matthew Allison

Matthew Allison is an illustrator and comic book artist working in Denver, CO. The most valuable comic he owns is a NM Flaming Carrot #1. If anyone is interested in buying this comic it is NOT FOR SALE!
However, his comic book Calamity of Challenge can be purchased by checking out his website at loafdish.blogspot.com, or you can just go there and read the thing for free, cheapskates.

The Creeper was created by Steve Ditko.
Swamp Thing was created by Len Wein and Berni Wrightson. Read more...


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  2. The Creeper would have been a nice addition to DC Dark, so I'm glad to see him here hanging with the Swamp Thing. Love the art too!

    Would read? Yessir.

  3. Perfection! I love that creepy Swamp Thing.
    I would advise all comic book lovers to buy Matthew's Calamity of Challenge book. I got it...it's beautifully drawn and loads of fun.

  4. Fantastic! Your Creeper puts me in mind of the Ultimate Warrior...!

    Oh and "what he said" on Calamity of Challenge. Warped and bizarre, beautifully drawn and goddamn funny.

  5. My favorite one of the series thus far...please please please someone do Animal Man. :)

  6. Truly the Creepiest Creeper yet! Well done you!

  7. Creepy~
    Perfectly suited for this character!