Monday, August 29, 2011

DC FIFTY-TOO Week Three!

The final three days of DC FIFTY-TOO are upon us with the last twelve covers coming up in quick succession. It'll be a shame to see the project close its doors ... or will it? (Close its doors, I mean, it'll definitely be a shame to see it close its doors ... I could've made that clearer)

We're not the only ones inspired by the upcoming relaunch of the DC Universe: Artist Kevin Mellon has been commissioned by ComicsAlliance to provide covers of a speculative reboot of several prominent independent titles, including a cyberpunk Cerebus and barbarian Bone.

Tony Trov and Johnny Zito, meanwhile, have produced a full-fledged World's Finest they'd like to see - starring Supergirl and Batgirl! With Daniel Govar, the duo has also assembled their cover for the Green Lantern title they'd most like to see!

Neil Kleid provided striking posters to illustrate the relaunched titles he'd kill to write, Drew Meger's been writing summaries of his own proposed 53 rebooted titles (!) at his blog, Drew's Infinite Reboot, and Dave Reynolds creates a Batgirl title I'm pretty sure the world needs to have happen.

And those are only the ones which have been brought to my attention - feel free to mention in comments if you know of any other relaunch-related goings-on!

DC FIFTY-TOO Week Three begins in fifteen minutes!


  1. Thanks for the links. Happy to see the project have babies.

  2. Super Fun project, Jon!
    Well done, sir.