Wednesday, August 31, 2011

OMAC #1 by James Edward Clark

James Edward Clark is a illustrator, comic artist and art school drop-out  from Toronto, Canada. Keep on eye on his blog ( as he will be releasing his first self-published comic, "EVIL comics", in the coming weeks.

James says: About Omac.... I'm a huge Jack Kirby fan. My favorite Kirby stuff is the offbeat books he made in the 70's while jumping back and forth between DC and Marvel. Stuff like Devil Dinosaur, Machine Man or over on the DC end of things, OMAC. OMAC is a bizarre scatter shot dystopian future fairytale about a hapless 90 pound knob who worked at a robotic sex doll factory named Buddy Blank. Blank is transformed into "OMAC" a literal One Man Army Corps with a 2 foot tall mohawk  by a giant floating Eye ball in space. Isn't that an awesome concept for a book?

OMAC was created by Jack Kirby.


  1. Trippy! The retro banner, the spinning Brother Eye, the logo on the bottom... Even if I wasn't a huge OMAC fan, I would have grabbed this off the rack.

    Would read? You betcha!

  2. Niiiiiice!
    That's a solid piece of work right there.
    I really dig the weather-beaten cover too.
    I would read the hell out of this version of OMAC.