Friday, August 26, 2011

BROTHER POWER THE GEEK #1 by Brendan Tobin

Brendan Tobin is an illustrator who worked in the NY animation industry for several years and currently freelances from Newport, RI.  He often posts his nonsensical artwork at his blog,

Brendan says: Brother Power, the Geek was an exercise in creating a character to reflect the American hippie counter-culture movement by Joe Simon, famous golden age collaborator of Jack Kirby and co-creator of Captain America.  The obscure character, Brother Power, was a tailor's mannequin imbued with life by a freak lightning strike while wearing bloodied hippie threads, who continued on to fight for the rights of the disenchanted youth as a misunderstood abomination.  The first issue was published in October 1968 and was cancelled by "the man" after issue number two.

Brother Power the Geek was created by Joe Simon. Read more... 


  1. Nice one, Brenda! Hell's Nixons? I'm so IN!

  2. My ABSOLUTE favorite DC character. Excellent choice. Looks rad.

  3. Awesome cover!
    I had fun looking at your blog.
    "Shadow McDeathblood"! Priceless!

  4. I love obscure characters, especially those that actually got series of their own. Brother Power is a crazy concept and Brendan's take looks way more fun than the Vertigo Visions that was his last reinterpretation.

    Would read? You had me at Hell's Nixons.