Thursday, August 25, 2011

ANGEL AND THE APE #1 by Scott Faulkner

Scott Faulkner is a great fan of pinup illustration and the long tradition of "good girl" art in comics. As a member of Seattle's Bureau of Drawers comic collective, he does his best to uphold those traditions and would like to see more fun come back to super-hero comics. Angel and the Ape have already been through a couple of reboots - both in the 90s (where it was awkwardly crammed into DC continuity), and in the 00s (where it was dredged through Vertigo sensibilities) - but neither attempt matched the goofy appeal of the original, or the wonderful artwork of Bob Oksner.

More of Scott's artwork can be seen at

Angel and the Ape were created by E.Nelson Bridwell and Bob Oksner. Read more...


  1. Cheeky! I'm a fan of these two and they fit this new, quirky, 52.

    Would read? It's got an ape protagonist, which is good at least for a few issues.

  2. Awesome! Need to check these two.. and the artist as well!

  3. "I've through enough reboots to last a lifetime!"
    Great one-liner!