Monday, August 29, 2011


Steve Bryant is the Eisner and Manning Award-nominated writer/artist of Athena Voltaire. He lives in central Illinois with his awesome son and amazing dog. Together, they travel the country in a van, solving crimes. You can see more of his work at

Steve says:
This piece presented a challenge for me. When I initially volunteered for Fifty-Too, I knew that the book I would LOVE to work on would be Challengers of the Unknown. The Challengers were all about what I love most about comics: pure, unadulterated adventure, with wide-open possibilities. You want to do a dinosaur adventure? An occult threat? A lost civilization? UFOs? The Challengers of the Unknown can fit easily into any of those genres. 

And that's where the problems began. What scene did I want to do? Should I focus on one character over the others? How can I fit five figures into the scene, and a threat, and a setting? And which threat in which
With my brain about to explode with option anxiety, I opted for a montage scene, but was still determined to do full figures. Of course, that fell by the wayside in a tangle of legs and arms. Once I settled on the bust/movie poster idea, I was able to start adding in the elements. Again, UFOs, dinosaurs, and lost civilizations popped up. And a laser-blast. And an arcane stone tablet.

I'm not 100% satisfied with the cover image I drew, but I love the
possibilities of the series that it suggests. In a perfect world, I'd love to illustrate this series, with scripts by Mark Schultz (for my money, there's no one who writes straightforward adventure yarns in comics today). Ah, to dream…

Along with me on this foray into the
Unknown is color artist Jason Millet. Jason attacked this piece with a brighter pallet than I originally imagined, but I love the end result. After all, if you're telling stories about a group of adventurers in purple jumpsuits, it makes sense to set it in a bright, colorful world. See more of Jason's work at

I love comics.


The Challengers of the Unknown were created by Jack Kirby. Read more...


  1. I was kind of disappointed DC didn't resurrect them this time around, so I'm glad someone thought of them.

    Would read? It's my cup of tea, and just the temperature I like it.

  2. Like Siskoid said... Too bad DC didn't take the occasion to bring them back... :(