Monday, August 22, 2011


Welcome to the second week of DC FIFTY-TOO! Twenty more covers debut this week featuring work by Amy Mebberson, Mike Maihack, Jemma Salume, Evan Shaner, Steve Rolston, Jon McNally and many more!

Everyone involved with the project is pumped about the positive response the blog has gotten so far, and I'm particularly gratified at all the positive coverage coming out over the last week.

Bleeding Cool gave us a mention in its Tuesday Runaround of last week, io9 gave Benjamin Marra's New Gods piece a striking pop-art feel by making it the hero image in their post, and Andy Khouri over at ComicsAlliance gives us a welcome plug.

Meanwhile, Blastr presents a nice image gallery of the covers so far, the readership at Project Rooftop give Tim Seeley's Teen Titans an all-around approval (plus don't miss Marc Palm's CLAW THE UNCONQUERED preview from last month), and the two-fisted fans at Scans_Daily give DCFifty-Too a thumbs up!

Many thanks to everyone who's been following and commenting, be sure to stick around this week and next for more covers to come - Week Two begins in five minutes!

-Jon Morris


  1. I'm glad to see this project has made a splash. I've been plugging a lot too. It's just so cool. Gratz on all the success.

  2. Did anybody do Ambush Bug? I would totally have done Ambush Bug.

    Seriously though, this thing is top-notch so far. I trust you'll be in here eventually, Jon? Yes?

  3. I'm hoping to get mine done, but the unexpected trip back to Arizona and related nonsense means I basically have to finish the thing in the next three days. At the very least I'll have at least one collaborative piece in here...

    Ambush Bug would have been sweet, I am surprised no one claimed him yet ...

  4. Hey, I sent a protip to Gamma Squad and they posted a post! (Without giving me a "via" or a "thanks for the tip," but whatevs.) Neat.