Friday, October 28, 2011

X-WOMEN #1 Jamie Fay

Jamie says: My idea was What If....X-MEN:Schizm. In the book X-MEN: Regenesis, Cyclops comes to Storm and asks for to be on his side. She states that he only wants her for her power. In the book, he states that isn't the case, but what if it were true. He only wanted her for her power. My book idea spins out of that. Storm sees that Cyclops doesn't ask her opinion much anymore. He now has come to rely on Magneto, Namor, and Wolverine, to name a few. All men. Emma Frost is the only female that is in his inner circle. 

Storm sees how the powerful women on the X-MEN are used as soliders, cannon fodder. Not leaders. Not people to rely on. So, she bans together the X-WOMEN and goes back to Australia Outback and leads a team of strong powerful women. Her inner circle consists of Emma Frost, Rogue, Kitty Pryde, with Domino as for tracker and search and rescue leader, and Danger as her technology expert.

The team consists of all women, some veteran, some with experience and some new to Xavier's dream. The team on the cover consists of women from every X-Book and shows the range of experience.

For the coloring, I once again called on Danielle Alexis St. Pierre. I had to! For one, she is amazing! Secondly, I had to empower a woman to color my lines and make them shine. Danielle did that and then some! Thanks, Danielle.

Jamie Fay is a artist/inker living in New York, NY. He's the co-creator of the new comicbook series, NeverMinds, from Drumfish Productions. Jamie's work has also appeared in the Sentinels Anthology, and many other indie titles. To check out more of Jamie's art, visit To find out more about NeverMinds and other Drumfish Productions series, visit

This piece was colored by NeverMinds colorist, Danielle Alexis St. Pierre. To check out Danielle's work, please go to


  1. A bit too obviously feministic, but not enough to be troublesome. I approve.

  2. Love it! I find the women of the X-World much more interesting than the guys. Beautiful art. Great characters. Sold!

  3. I'd buy the heck outta this, great colors too! Way to go Jamie!

  4. You won me over with Kitty right up front.

  5. I don't see Emma following Storm instead of continuing to sex up Scott (that douchebag).

    Dagger isn't a mutant, and she wouldn't leave Cloak, they're just too interconnected.

    Add Blink.

  6. Draw your own, Miles, this is Jamie's take.

  7. thanks everyone. i appreciate it.

    the x-women/x-men are my favorite characters out there and its my dream to draw them professionally one day.

    as for dagger not being a mutant, neither is dani moonstar and danger. and for that matter polaris and jubilee. polaris, dani and jubilee were depowered after the house of m. and jubilee isn't even human anymore. but they are x-men becuase they fight for what the x-men believe in and whats right. and emma almost left scott at the end if schism to go to westchester and so did storm.

    i'm made a poster of this too and added 2 more characters - banshee and pixie. but i wanna add more lol. definitely rache grey and husk in their new uniforms. here is a link of the picture so far:

    thanks, jon! for letting me part of this again. let me know if you do any other universes. i'd love to take on danger girl, battle chasers, the walking dead, etc.