Thursday, October 20, 2011

CURSE OF THE WENDIGO #1 by Daniel Schneider

Daniel says: Daniel Schneider, is the world's only cowboy comic artist, who grew up on a purebred Black and Red Angus cattle ranch with his family. Finding his true calling in the wonderful world of comics he has never looked back. Having had some small success with company's such as Zenescope and About Comics, Daniel took a 2 year break after a steel pipe decided to split open his skull. Now he's again doing what he loves best and ready to jump head first back into comics. Just recently Daniel became the Artist in Residency for Happy Harbor comics in Edmonton

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The Curse of Wendigo (featuring Talisman)
With the DC Fifty-Too event I was really happy with my pick and picture art wise. But looking at everyone else and there amazing jobs at truly re-imagining the characters I realize I didn't really re-imagine Bat Lash, I like him just the way he is. So this time I decided to do a character I really loved but also one that I would do differently than it's ever been done before. I'd want this to be a limited horror series. Wendigo is the star of the book but just like the first Alien you'd rarely see him but be completely terrified of him. In both Mythology and in Marvel the Wendigo is a truly terrifying monster so I wanted his look to reflect that and how powerful it is. And of course it wouldn't be much of a horror comic without someone to cheer for so in the tradition of strong female leads I choose Talisman to be our hero

Thanks again to Jon and everyone else who got this started and turned it in to such an exciting project

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  1. This is terrific. That's a horrifying design for the Wendigo. Love it.