Wednesday, October 26, 2011

SPIDER-MAN #1 by Marc Palm

Marc says:
Marc J Palm (AKA Swellzombie) lives and works as a cartoonist/illustrator in Seattle. Marc has been drawing for 20+ years where comics and film have always been the biggest influences. Marc's comics are at and his illustrations

As far as this concept goes... The radioactive spider that bit Peter ends up mutating him into this human sized spider. He tries his hardest to maintain a normal teenage human appearance by using his special make-up effects hobby to mold masks of his old face and hands. He's also learned to manipulate the 8 limbs in order to look like 4 within the limits of long sleeves and pants.
In this story, there's no choice whether or not he's Spider-man. Peter has to decide how much he wants to keep up a human facade. He's torn between his deep human connections with friends/family and then the freedom of fighting crime as a wild "mut-animal".


  1. That might be the most terrifying thing I've ever seen.

  2. Outstanding work!
    Marc writing and drawing a Spidey-comic,
    now that would be memorable.

  3. The Horror...!
    A nice timely cover seeing as Halloween is coming.
    Great work.

  4. Kind of reminds me of Ratfist, haha.

  5. Soooo why is he wearing boxers OVER his suit?