Friday, October 7, 2011

WAR IS HELL #1 by Neal von Flue

Neal Von Flue is an artist whose day-job consists of teaching art, painting murals, drawing pictures, and accomplishing a wide array of art services. By night, he plays banjo and musical saw in the band Hang Dog Expression. His recent book collecting comic adaptations of old folk songs just came out, you can learn more at

Neal says: The original War is Hell series ran for 15 issues from 1973-1975. As the cover shows, my goal is to bring it back to it's incarnation as an anthology book. It would include 2 or 3 short war stories per issue, made by a unique and diverse team of creators. 
Death would be the narrator and guide through these stories, and the focus would be widened to include any kind of war and conflict throughout history (and possibly the future!)


  1. Another great cover, Neal. Love the cover design and the crossed-out Comics Code Authority stamp in the corner. Nice touch!

  2. I think I'm going to have to check out your folk-song book.

  3. It's sad that this comic is still as relevant today as it was post-Vietnam. Still, beautifully executed! And Anthony, I just got my copy of Neal's book. It's gorgeous! Neal's digital work translates so nicely in print.