Thursday, October 20, 2011

BLACK PANTHER #1 by Sean Dove

Sean says: Sean Dove is a freelance illustrator/designer based in Chicago, IL. He makes lots of stupid stuff like screen prints, comics and other junk. He spent several years working as the art director at Devil's Due Publishing. Last year he self published his comic "Fried Rice". He is currently part of 4 Star Studios (, along with Mike Norton, Tim Seeley and Josh Emmons. They also make stupid stuff you should read ( 

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I just always really liked Black Panther. He just looks super cool, kinda like a Bat-man variant. Anyway what better thing for T'Challa to fight then a bunch of raciest robots!


  1. love the exaggerated anatomy and linework on BP, Sean, great stuff.

  2. Black Panther's old school costume... there's nothing like it. Great job, Sean.