Monday, October 24, 2011

WOLFPACK #1 by Evan Keeling

Evan says: I picked WolfPack because it just popped into my head like a flash of memory from my child hood and it is such a crazy concept.

A bunch of urban teens are trained by Mr. Mack who was trained by a lady ninja to fight a team of ninjas dedicated to destroying the 10 honest men of hebrew legend. So many concepts crammed into one book/ mini series.

For my cover I played off of how the characters in the original comic were very dated to the 80s. So I tried to put together some more modern dated outfits. My design for Mr Mack was basically if Devastatin' Dave and Terminator X had a baby. With Mr Mack I was also playing with the idea that he is one of the original pack (Slag) grown up and has taken over the mantel of Mr. Mack.

I had other concepts swimming in my head but the ideas just got to big and I had to let them go.

Here are some reviews of the original WolfPack

my Bio

Evan Keeling is a born and raised Washington DC comic artist and writer. He is a founding member of the DC Conspiracy, a collective of Washington, DC area comic book artists and writers and has been self-publishing comic books for print and for the web over the last five years. Evan has also been one of the principle organizers for the DC Conspiracy’s yearly counter culture Festival for the last four years. He has worked with numerous DC area bands, producing posters, CD covers, videos and t-shirt designs. He contributed art to the Eisner nominated anthology Trickster: Native American Tales: A Graphic Collection. Currently he is coloring Matt Dembicki's great white shark epic XOC coming out in 2012 from Oni Press. As well as working on CrumbSnatchers, an all-ages comic written by Stephanie Butto and Nancy boy a teen-crime tale written by Jason Griffenhagen. His website is


  1. Best cover in this entire series so far. I loved the Wolfpack when I was 11!

  2. Brilliant! I liked Wolfpack as a kid. It's not aged well... I do remember being pretty upset that the dude with the glasses (Slippy?) bought it. Oops! Spoilers!