Monday, October 17, 2011

INFINITY GAUNTLET #1 by John "Dadicus" West

Drawn by DADICUS (John Derrick West) Who is currently the new regular artist on Tin Star Tex. A comic created and written by Benjamin Glendenning you can read about it here
He also is a regular contributor to the Comic Improv,

Digitally painted by Andy Poole, An England based professional who is constantly working on various projects for hire. and he's vary modest he wanted me to write this as his bio:
"UK based comic book colourist"?

He made this picture what it is and if you like it it's because of him he literally did 90% of what you're looking at My hat goes off to him for saving this piece! He also did all the Logo work here.

Alternate cover colored by Ryan Cody

THE ALTERNATE COVER or I like to think of it as the collected edition cover!! Ryan Cody is one of my favorite comic artists and it was a rare treat for me to be able to have something colored by him I hope you all love it as much as I do!

The Logo for the Alternate cover was done by Jonathan Coffey

John says: In the 1950's, Middle America was torn about a new sound crashing their air waves. It was ROCK' N' ROLL, and the people who enjoyed this music were seen as part of the evil under culture in America. What if a youth from that culture was bestowed the most powerful gift in the universe, what would he do with the POWER COSMIC? Would he use it to destroy the very fabric of our Great American culture? Or would he with his new powers chose to help in defending it from Harm from threats near and far........AND SPACE!!!!!???
That is what young Jack Kirblewski, is faced with. After crashing his Hot Rod in the Nevada Desert he awoke to find a Metal Gauntlet with Six Glowing Gems had been placed on his left arm and he couldn't remove it. He had no idea where it had come from or who had mysteriously placed it there. He shortly found out that the Gauntlet was more than a metal glove.
(This is how I imagined the development team "Man of Action" would relaunch this book for MARVEL)