Wednesday, October 19, 2011

THE INHUMANS #1 by Jason Millet

Jason says:  I'm an illustrator who has freelanced in the Chicago area since 1997. I have colored and occasionally penciled (when someone lets me) comics for DC, Dark Horse, IDW, Devil's Due, Archie and Scholastic Books; created storyboards and comps for Absolut, Tropicana, Disney and many other advertising clients and illustrated fifteen educational children's books.

Concept-- I first encountered the Inhumans in John Byrne's FF and Neal Adams's Avengers (and his Amazing Adventures run a short bit later) and found the concept both complex and intriguing. I was a DC kid and it took me getting to a certain age to appreciate the cool depth and weirdness of any and all Kirby creations and I usually initially had to do it through the slicked up art of an Adams or a Byrne.
I was originally going to adapt a cool old Rich Buckler cover, but then decided that the heart of those old stories had to do with brotherly conflict. In the scenario here, I envision the start of a battle royale between Maximus the Mad and Blackbolt just as their fellow Inhumans teleport on the scene. Why do they look aghast? What upper hand does Maximus have on Black Bolt?

What was it with all the sibling rivalry in old Marvel books anyway ?... it makes me wonder about the health of Stan and Larry's relationship. Maybe there'll be a tell-all book some day (if there isn't already).

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