Wednesday, October 12, 2011

DEFENDERS #1 by Anthony Vukojevich

Anthony says: 1st Story-THE PURPLE REIGN SAGA (9 issues long):
What if Nighthawk somehow held the key to a mysterious multi-dimensional power? 
What if The Purple Man wanted that power for himself?
The Mandrill is caught up in a war with the Purple Man….and if he can't have the prize, then Nighthawk must die.  
Our first issue finds a mix of new and old Defenders all trying to capture or kill Nighthawk.  
Can Doc Samson save him from the Mandrill-enthralled women?  Can he save himself?  
Even if he succeeds, The Purple Man is assembling his own team: THE PROSECUTORS (we'll see them is issue #2).
Their continuing mission:  Kill Mandrill and the Defenders and capture Nighthawk.
       Clea (replacing Doc Strange) is now the Mistress of the Mystic Arts.
       Namora (replacing Subby),  Doc Samson (replacing Hulk), and Ikon the Spaceknight (replacing Silver Surfer) have also joined the team.
      The Giant-Sized first issue guest stars the Savage She-Hulk (who may or may not join the team).
Warning:  By the end of the first story arc, you might just be rooting for the Mandrill.

Anthony Vukojevich draws on Phineas and Ferb.  
His blog is right here: 
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  1. I'm definitely going to need a half issue of exposition to follow this comic, which is perfect Defenders. Is Ikon a new character? A She-Rom? Are both the Purple Man and Mandrill bad guys that can control the minds of other people? So this is like the highest stakes chess game between two criminal masterminds with our heroes as pawns?

    Look at those colors! Reds, blues, golds... orgasmic.

    Would pay good money to see Ant on speed, opining about 70's Marvel comics. Maybe there would be no difference. I don't know.

  2. Great colors on this one.
    Gotta love that Mandrill!

  3. well how about that as a concept Ikon as a member of the Defenders. this is something coming out toward the end of this year: DEFENDERS : STRANGE HEROES # 1, a Marvel Handbook style biography volume that details the whereabouts of most of the major players in the Defenders' history.

  4. Give this man a contract. From premise to roster to design, this %$#&'ng ROCKS!