Monday, October 3, 2011

TOMB OF DRACULA #1 by Les McClaine

Les says: Short Book Summary:

FRANK DRAKE was a man accustomed to wealth. But when his inheritance ran out, he found himself suddenly without resources or direction. His salvation seemed to come in a mysterious letter informing him of an old family property in Transylvania.

Now, Frank finds himself fighting the machinations of his own ancestor, DRACULA, the lord of all vampires! Alongside him are three seasoned vampire fighters:

QUINCY HARKER: Grandson of Jonathan and Mina Harker, who aided in the seeming destruction of Dracula, over one hundred years ago!
RACHEL VAN HELSING: The great-granddaughter of famed vampire killer Abraham Van Helsing, she now carries on the family trade, having trained since childhood for the ultimate destruction of her ancestor's greatest enemy!
ADAM, THE MONSTER OF FRANKENSTEIN: Created by a madman, and having achieved revenge on his maker, the creature now enters an uneasy alliance with the vampire hunters, seeking vengeance on the vampire that aided Victor Frankenstein in his unholy experiments!

Can these four end the bloody terror that has roiled through five centuries of history?

Can they bind the undead menace eternally to his final, inescapable prison: THE TOMB OF DRACULA?

Short Bio:

Les McClaine is a member of Tranquility Base in Portland Oregon. He is constantly amazed that he is allowed to sit in a big room with his friends and draw cartoons all day. You may have seen his work in The Middleman, The Tick: New Series, or his own Jonny Crossbones. He is currently working on TUNE, a graphic novel written by Derek Kirk Kim.


  1. It would be awesome to have a Tomb of Dracula book back on the shelves. Unfortunately, The Marvel of 2011 wouldn't make a book half as cool as this cover and synopsis.

  2. Nice work. Love Rachel's jacket design!

  3. I love the Gene Colan-esque hatching in the shadows a LOT, and also I like to imagine the dots between T*O*M*B means it's from a Kanye West or Jay-Z song and means something like "Tough on Monster B*tches" ... "I'm about to go TOMB!!"

  4. Blew me away the first time I saw it.

  5. You won me over by including the Monster of Frankenstein. For such a famous monster and such a good character he doesn't get nearly enough use in the Marvel Universe.

  6. Dracula and Frankenstein's monster together - I always loved stories like that. And the art is absolutely fantastic!

  7. Friggin' awesome! I would read the hell out of this. Of course, I would read the hell out of pretty much anything by Les McClaine.