Tuesday, October 11, 2011

X-FACTOR #1 by Steve Harrison

Steve Harrison has been drawing and self-publishing comics for (does the math) over 20 years. He recently completed his cyberpunk series, "Fabricari," and has started work on a new semi-autobiographical/sci-fi/fantasy book, "Parity." Fabricari is available, in its entirety, at Lulu (http://www.lulu.com/spotlight/fabricari). And all other work by Steve can be read in web-comic form at Studio Fabricari (http://www.fabricari.com).

Steve says: I went with "X-Factor" out of sheer nostalgia. Most of what I read now is small press stuff, but I fondly remember my collections of Marvel titles stacked up in my long boxes.The first comic I really ever collected was "X-Factor." I was really attached to the idea of these  gestapo hunters tracking down mutant kids to protect the public from their menace only to later find out that the hunters were, themselves, mutants seeking to teach these kids how to deal with their powers. It was definitely geek fantasy fulfillment, like Ender's Game. Of course, the comic later spun away from its initial theme and inevitably centered around that whole Jean Grey/Scott Summers thing - boring. The cover emphasizes the theme instead of the super hero costumes.


  1. This is a pretty strong image, it has indy comic sensibilities, which is appealing. Great hands too.

  2. This is haunting and memorable, kudos Steve.