Wednesday, September 21, 2011

WEIRD WAR TALES #1 by Jake Ekiss

Jake Ekiss is a founding member of Space-Gun Studios and a graduate of the University of North Texas Drawing and Painting Program. Jake has gone on to work for companies such as The Gamers' Conglomerate, Study Island, Titan Comics, and Digital Webbing. He is currently producing his own webcomic Solomon Azua, which was nominated for a Glyph Award in 2011.

Jake says: Michael Salvadore went into the military because he was supposed to, because it was expected, because he had nothing better to do. Two years in, he was sent to the Gulf, to Kuwait. There he saw it. The face of death, ghost of blood, the nightmare that walked. Ever since he's been a changed man. Now he's got something better to do. Death is his new commander, and his mission is commander's eyes only. Michael follows an unseen path to find the scars of violence in our world, to find the hidden, deadly things. To find his new squad. He'll gather them, recruit them, one by one. And when he has them, then they'll fight... the Weird War.

Weird War Tales was a supernatural war book published by DC Comics. Read more... 


  1. Striking and chilling. I'd pick that book up.

  2. When I looked through's archive of Weird War Tales covers way back when, I remember thinking "man, this book really equated 'skeleton' with 'weird'". I appreciate the theme being kept for this update!

  3. Thanks for the kudos everyone! Monzo, that was because in the old title, Death (the grim reaper version) was the narrator for all the stories. Typically he started the tales off in a very Crypt Keeper fashion, dressed in whatever military uniform best matched the story. I totally had to keep the vibe for this piece. I mean, if it doesn't have Death in there, it just isn't WWT.

  4. NOT an anthology title? Good move.

    Would read? You've got my dollar.

  5. This is the type of title needed in the new DCU. I would be a great place to showcase short stories by comics' finest. Nice cover!