Monday, September 19, 2011

The Big Announcement! Coming in October, it's ...

I've been teasing a couple of "big announcements" regarding DC Fifty-Too on my Twitter account in the last two weeks, without giving much of a clue what's going on.

The response to DC Fifty-Too has been tremendous, and it felt kind of sad to let the project wind down. With the "official" 52 DC covers having debuted last month and this "Bonus Fifty-Too" wrapping up in the next week, the end was pretty near.

However, some of the artists involved with the first leg of the project contacted me and suggested a new theme, so without further ado, here's Big News Part One:

Debuting October 3, it's...

Starting Monday, October 3 in this here blog, many of the artists involved with the original DC Fifty-Too take their talents to the competition, and bring you their take on a wholly relaunched Marvel Universe - around 70 new Number One Issues from their dream Marvel Comics lineup!

I can promise new work from Buster Moody (Manhunter 2070), Mike Norton (Blue Beetles), Dieter Van der Ougstraete (Sea Devils), Charles Guthrie (Dark Mansion of Forbidden Love), Neal von Flue (Kid Eternity) and a host of others, plus some of the artists who were invited to participate in DC Fifty-Too but missed out, including Ryan Browne, Les McClaine, Steve Harrison and many more!

As a side note - this is an invite-only event running through the month of October, we won't be taking submissions ... just yet. BUT! Stay tuned during MARVEL UNIVERSE TOO -WHAT IF during October for another Big Announcement on how you can participate in future projects (that's right, there's more coming)!

Thanks folks, see you in October - and stick around in September for more DC FIFTY-TOO!

-Jon Morris