Friday, September 9, 2011

HAYWIRE #1 by Kiel West

Kiel says: Dear Mr Stephen. Majorsky,
Our research team has thoroughly reviewed your case. We'd like to thank you for letting us help you and hope the results of our analysis will guide you to a restful solution in the near future.

We've narrowed your concerns down to two major  topics: 

1. Your soreness and complete lack of energy upon waking from a full night's sleep.
2. The seemingly random appearance of cuts and bruises on your body. We started with the obvious suspect: Sleepwalking. 

We were correct in our suspicion, however it must be stated that what was viewed on the video footage recorded from your apartment has shocked and deeply disturbed our team.The footage reveals you leaving your bed, getting fully dressed and exiting your apartment. You returned approximately 6-7 hours later completely disheveled and apparently wounded. You repeated this every night for the duration of our analysis.

We felt for your own safety, it would be best to have some of our team members follow you during your nightly escapades without your knowledge. The reports we received back have greatly alarmed us. Apparently you were followed to the local dump. What happens next defies explanation, so please bear with me. You began to glow from each o your extremities, and seconds later, from various heaps of garbage, flew large pieces of blue metal, which collected on your person into what appears to be some kind of robotic armor. Once this was finished, you returned to the streets. Using the tracking device we asked you to wear, our team managed to collect photographs of several encounters you made, fully clad in the blue armor, with whom can only be described as unsavory, criminal-type individuals. Though we do not know the nature of their activities, or their relationship to you, each meeting seems to have ended in grisly death. One of our team members who witnessed one such event, gave us this account: "The guy caught this punk making off with a car stereo. He shot him from across the street with some kind of mini-harpoon that came out of his forearm. Then he walked over and just went totally haywire. He beat the guy with those huge metal fists until he was practially a puddle."

We are obligated to inform you of the illegality of such activities. Please call us as soon as you receive this letter, as we are concerned for the well being of all parties involved.

Doctor McCay - Winsor University Institure of Sleep Research

Kiel West lives in Idaho where he draws cartoons when his son is napping. His work recently appeared in Twisted Savage Dragon Funnies from Image Comics. He usually has at least two types of mustard in his fridge.

Haywire was created by Michael Fleisher and Vince Giarrano. Read more...


  1. Good stuff, Kiel!
    Looking forward to read your Savage Dragon story.

  2. Thanks Dieter! I read yours. It rocked!

  3. I know next to nothing about Haywire, but you've got me intrigued.

    Would read? Would certainly check it out.

  4. "Doctor McCay - Winsor University Institure of Sleep Research"


    Also, this is a great cover. The tagline is classic dialogue and yet totally new as a tagline. Makes me want to find out what this guy has done, and I don't think there's a better compliment for a comic book cover than that.