Wednesday, September 14, 2011

POWER GIRLS #1 by Caanan Grall

Caanan Grall does the Eisner-nominated webcomic, Max Overacts, at where he is desperately trying to raise the funds to self publish the first collection through IndieGoGo. He also had his first book, Celadore, published last year from DC's defunct Zuda Comics and mixes it up every week with a bunch of other great artists as a part of The Line: It Is Drawn sketch challenge, under the watchful eye of Brian Cronin, at the Comics Should Be Good blog on You may have also seen his 24 hour comic viral hit, Muppet Thor.

Caanan says: Forget everything you know about Power Girl. Her origin is as messy as a box of Christmas lights, and, well... Supergirl already exists in the DCnU, so this is an all new Power Girl.

At the age of 15, Sam Sorelle doesn't have your normal teen life. She doesn't have time for boys, malls, or even school. She follows her radical, documentarian parents around the globe, learning by living. But on an extended shoot in the Pacific Ocean, while they let her out to film B roll by herself for the first time, an alien space ship crashes in the water right in front of her.

Seeing someone in the ship, Sam jumps in the ocean to save the alien who, it turns out, is a young Kryptonian survivor named Kara Zan-Oh, who escaped with her parents. (Who were obviously smarter than Superman's - because these guys built a ship that could save the whole family unit! Not just sending your only child in to oblivion to live or die. This isn't a religious text, ya know.) Anyway, after Krypton blew up, they became interplanetary drifters. Traders. Shooting around, visiting strange planets, collecting alien artifacts. Eventually, coincidentally, after 15 years or so, Kara's parents were killed in a space pirate attack, leaving her to escape on her own, which is how she made it to Earth.

She joins the activist family who much resemble her own drifter parents, even taking their last name. Now, with Earth her new home, Kara Sorelle must master her new yellow sun powers, while Sam learns how to handle all that wonderful alien tech they rescued from the ruined spacecraft. Together, they will help the Earth... Together, they are Power Girls!


  1. Love it! Then again, Caanan can do no wrong.

    The art is lovely, the concept is charming, and "Kara Sorelle" sounds a lot like "Kara Zor-El" when you say it aloud... BONUS!

  2. I would buy the heck out of this.

    I would buy this with the intention of giving it to my nieces - by intention I mean reading it first and then giving it over to my nieces...they'd probably never see it.

  3. That is awesome! I wish this was the real Power Girl.

  4. Echoing bengwalchmai; I would read the shit out of this.

    There seriously are not enough "fun" comics out there. This would clearly be one.

  5. That's a great idea! Full of potential, close enough to the original to deserve the name, but completely new at the same time.

    Would read? You bet!

  6. It's an interesting concept, but if you're going to throw out the costume, origin, setup, backstory, connections, personality, and secret identity, you may as well just create a new character entirely.