Wednesday, September 14, 2011

AZRAEL #1 by Paul Lavallée

Paul Lavallée is a writer/illustrator from Edmonton. His websites are and He says of himself: "I produce two web-comics. One named Beast Dominion, which I write and illustrate myself. The other is named Codename Sabotage, which I write, and is illustrated by artist Andrew Huerta. I also self-publish an indy anthology named Induced."
Paul says:
"With the Azrael cover, I was trying to imagine how Jim Lee's regime would update Azrael's cover. I did this by adding some stream-pattern work on Azrael's suit. Sort of how they did with his new JLA outfits." 

Azrael was created by Dennis O'Neil and Joe Quesada. Read more...


  1. He has almost the same name as the character. COINCIDENCE...OR CONSPIRACY

  2. Yes, that freaked me out too, lolsworth! I thought Azrael had come off the page to draw his own comic! But it's a retro-90s concept done up in a retro-90s aesthetic...

    Would read? No, but I didn't read the original Azrael either. Or any series by that title beyond the original mini.