Monday, September 5, 2011

LIBERTY BELLE #2 by Joel Priddy

Presenting the second issue of Joel Priddy's gorgeous Liberty Belle comic. Joel Priddy's website is here.

Liberty Belle was created by Don Cameron and Chuck Winter. Read more...


  1. Liberty Belle is one of the best character concepts I've seen in a long time - at least Joel's rendition!!! This is a book I'd love to read.

  2. Man, now I want a G.I. Giant comic too!

  3. This is incredible! DC needs to give you a book!

  4. Working at a university, the first couple weeks of September are a real madhouse. My way of apologizing for neglecting the New 52 Too since the month started! I haven't abandoned it! I still love it! And I can't wait to check out the second round... NOW.

    Great look for the second issue of Liberty Belle and throwing Ma Hunkel into the mix as a revolutionary war hero, brilliant.

    Still reading? Hecks yeah!