Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Dave Windett relaunches JONNI THUNDER

Dave says:Whilst visiting her father (Professor Thunder) on an archaeological dig at a Badhnesiaian temple, Jonni is caught in a terrifying earthquake.

The floor of the temple splits open and Jonni falls into an undiscovered cavern far underground.
Searching for a way out she accidentally breaks a small golden statue which releases the Thunderbolt, a Geni like spirit which bonds itself to her service!

Dave Windett is a professional comics artist and illustrator, his work has been published in Britain, Europe and America.

He has drawn comics featuring numerous licensed characters, including Inspector Gadget, Eek the Cat, Ace Ventura, Daffy Duck and Korky the Cat . For the Scandinavian market he has illustrated educational books, business manuals and comics. He has also designed original characters for a variety of publications and provided illustrations for everything from magazines and websites to mobile phones, games, and children's shoes.

Samples of his work can be seen on his website at - http://www.davewindett.com/ and on his blog at - http://www.davewindett.com/blog/

Jonni Thunder was created by Roy Thomas.

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  1. Awesome news... She is a great and underused version of the character!