Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Charles Guthrie relaunches DENNIS THE MENACE (and friends!)

Charles Guthrie has been drawing monsters, super-heros and goofy characters since opening his first comic book as a child. Although much of his cartoon and illustration work is for younger children, he spends his spare time drawing absurd humor strips for various publications. Comics from the 40s, 50s and 60s have always been a great influence - weird and wonderful, with faded pages and the nostalgic scent of second-hand dust. His website is www.guthrie.nl

Charles says: After killing his mother in a slingshot accident, Dennis Mitchell runs away from home and eventually finds work changing the sheets in a brothel. He falls in love with the owner - "Juicy" Lucy van Pelt - who is on the run for smothering het brother in his sleep with an old blue blanket. Realizing that two menacing minds are better than one, they form "M.E.N.A.C.E." (Mean, Embittered, Nasty A-holes Commited to Evil) and recruit young offenders to help in their crusade of evil and mayhem.

The assorted members of M.E.N.A.C.E. - can you name them all? - were created by Hank Ketchum, Charles Schulz, Davey Law and Ian Chisholm, Hanna-Barbera and, finally, Matt Groening.


  1. Great stuff, nicely renedered. Charles sets the bar high for Relaunched. Only had to look up one character and realized I had totally forgotten about the other "Dennis."


  2. So good! And TC is massively disturbing!

  3. Love the new logo! It feels like a logo for a cool rocket ride.

  4. Thanks, I wasn't super-crazy about the last one (bit of a rush job), so I'm happier here...

  5. That's blistering! I laughed out loud at your genius, dude! It's like a "MAD TV: Where are they Now?" bit of sordid goodness!