Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Adam Lichi relaunches WOLVERINE

Adam says:
The Premise : New York City.
The year is 2034.
The planets population and technology have both exploded in growth. Cities have become multi-layered urban jungles divided by social status and monetary worth. In the upper echelons the rich go about there business without so much as a passing thought for those who toil below. From the crime free upper platforms to the skyscrapers inhabited by the under rich and upper middle classes, all the way down to the city floor where low income humans and mutants live together in diverse ethnic groups.  Below all this lies another group. A reformed society of Morlocks, five times the size of those predecessors who bore their namesake. The unwanted gene-trash and hybrid offspring cling to the most brutal and scrapping of lives. An overcrowded and underfed population on the verge of boiling over…..and when an alpha level mutant thrill killer from the island nation of Madipoor shows on their doorstep, with plans to use the Morlock territory as a trophy hunting ground, the fuse is lit. There's no turning back.

Now it's up to the man they call Wolverine to try and put a lid on an out of control situation. But is he up to the task? Can he put an end to the slaughter and carnage? Or is Logan just a senile old man chasing the dreams and ghost of his old friend Chuck?
Maybe both.......


Wolverine was created by Len Wein, John Romita Sr and Herb Trimpe. Read more...


  1. Wow,what a beautiful cover. Great premise too.

  2. Morlocks? like in "the time machine" by H G Wells