Friday, November 4, 2011

DEVIL DINOSAUR #1 by Jake Ekiss

Jake Ekiss is a founding member of Space-Gun Studios and a graduate of the University of North Texas Drawing and Painting Program. Jake has gone on to work for companies such as The Gamers' Conglomerate, Study Island, Titan Comics, and Digital Webbing. He is currently producing his own webcomic Solomon Azua, which was nominated for a Glyph Award in 2011.

Jake says: On a world whole realities away from our own, Moon Boy rescues a dying lizard from the molten flames of a scorched landscape. Eight years later the beast has grown in size and hunger. It has become more than beast. It has become a devil. And the tribe of Small Folk now worship it as a god. Moon Boy must now defend his family from the very creature he once sought to save. But how can he triumph against the most deadly monster his world has ever seen. The devil is strong. The devil is ready. It is the Valley God, the Lacertilian King. It is Devil Dinosaur: Imperious Rex.



  1. Just the other day I was thinking this world needs more Devil Dinosaur. I'm satisfied now.

  2. Calamity...what's next for this blog? I can hardly stand the suspense.

  3. Oh man this cover's so awesome. Everything about it was done well, from the color palette to the composition.