Wednesday, February 29, 2012

WATCHMEN-TOO: John Bishop relaunches WATCHMEN

John says: Dr. Manhattan has finally returned from his six month mission, sending 7,777 versions of himself to explore the vast multiverse of parallel dimensions, spending only a few hours per dimension. One version of Earth interests him particularly. He christens it 'Earth-2'. The Watchmen of Earth-2 are versions of himself and his teammates, slightly different origins and powers, but remarkably familiar. A sinister force uses Dr. Manhattan's power to transport his team to Earth-2, and tricks them into battling this strange new team, but they finally join forces to fight the menace, known as Darkseid! This is the start of the massive story arc 'The Watchmen Crisis', which will spin off into the two new series 'The Watchmen League' and 'Young Watchmen'!

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  1. very intelligent and funny. I like it a lot.

  2. This just about sums up every Marvel cross-over event I have ever read, ha ha.