Friday, August 19, 2011

LIBERTY BELLE #1 by Joel Priddy

Joel Priddy teaches comics and illustration at the Memphis College of Art and has lost a couple Eisners. 
Joel says (with help from Benito Cerino): As the creeping hand of totalitarianism stretches its covetous grasp across Europe, one peerless woman dares toll the resounding, clarion peal of freedom! With the oppressive forces of darkness encroaching around her, Liberty Belle lives only to fight and to let her message ring: let us live to make men free! His website is

PLUS: Back on the home front, matchless Ma Hunkel cleans up the mean streets like an unstoppable cyclone of blue-collar justice!

Liberty Belle was created by Don Cameron and Chuck Winter. Read more...
Ma Hunkel (a.k.a. The Red Tornado) was created by Sheldon Mayer. 


  1. Holy crap, that's great! Beautiful design and colors, Joel. Oh, how I wish it were a real comic! I really want to read about the Chowderpot Murders.

  2. The drybrush/chalk, the palette, the composition, the energy; this is just incredible. DC doesn't deserve this.

  3. All around amazing...exactly what was said above.
    Ma better watch out that she doesn't become a suspect with her chowder pot helmet.

  4. That LB costume is fabulous, Joel.

  5. Probably my favourite out of all of them, so far. This is terrific.

  6. This is gorgeous work, Joel, and I really REALLY like that costume design.

  7. Beautiful color palette, and a great logo design too!