Wednesday, November 23, 2011

The big DC FIFTY-TOO / MARVEL UNIVERSE TOO announcement!

I've mentioned - on this blog and on Twitter - that a 'big announcement' was coming for DC FIFTY-TOO/MARVEL UNIVERSE TOO, so here it is: Beginning January 1, 2012, we're opening the door to everyone!

The response and reaction to the DC FIFTY-TOO and MARVEL UNIVERSE TOO:WHAT IF projects has been immense - thousands of folks have found the site, blogged about it, discussed it in their message boards. More than anything else, the blog has attracted dozens and dozens of artists who have expressed interest in submitting their own new covers and story concepts.

Well, they need not wait any longer - beginning in 2012, the DC FIFTY-TOO blog will change its name to RELAUNCHED and will become OPEN TO SUBMISSIONS. You do not need to wrangle an invite or wait for the next themed event, nor do you have to limit yourself to Marvel or DC - you can simply create your own cover and series concept whenever you'd like for whatever property you'd like, and send it directly to us.

(Not that we'll be abandoning our theme months - stay tuned for some announced events coming down the pike!)

We won't necessarily be publishing everything which gets submitted - Artists and project contributors Benjamin Birdie and Ryan Cody will be helping to curate the submissions so that only the best make it to the blog. 

In the meantime, we're a little more than four weeks away from the new site debut, so don't delay! Check out our submission guidelines and see you in January!


  1. I've gotta say there was a big part of me disappointed that the announcement wasn't "Marvel & DC are cancelling their books and publishing these imaginings instead."

  2. Thank you, Calamity!
    This is going to be fantastic.

    I wonder if there'll be any Star Wars relaunches?

  3. This is exciting! Thanks! My wheels are already turning!

  4. @Ostrakos: If only, right? :P

  5. Alrighty then! I can see this becoming one of my favorite internet destinations pretty quickly.

  6. very, very cool. after being part of the marvel and dc projects, i may have to branch out and tackle image, dark horse, idw, etc.

    again, thanks for giving me the chance to be part of the 2 earlier projects ;)